Picknick-date with Crate

The development of accomodations (both indoors and outdoors) that can be used unforcedly. And linking this idea to organically arisen places. From these viewpoints Guido Marsille, under the name Buromarsille, has designed a line of furniture called Crate. According to design collective Cowerk, Crate can be best characterised as “useable without regulations, placing your feet on the table, sitting on the arm-rest”.

This type of furniture, made of planks of the same size, has developed from different shapes into a refined system of building and measuring. Crate-furniture can be easily comined. Cowerk here shows a series of picnic bences, which can now be seen at Primair Projekt.

About Guido Marsille

Guido Marsille was born in 1967 in Boskoop. He studied interior design at the academy for arts and industry in Enschede. Since 2004, he has worked on projects for public indoor and outdoor areas under the name Buromarsille. Some of his projects are: “Zomerterras Crate” created upon request of architectural centre Makeblijde in Houten and “Binnenplaats Crate” created upon request of the Centre for Visual Arts in Rotterdam. Find out more information on www.buromarsille.com

Berkel en Rodenrijs, oktober 2011