Lindorff Zwolle

Mart van der Meer of OIP has been involved with the Lindorff project as Interior Architect since February 2011. Lindorff was looking for a supplier who could translate the PVE as stated by Ynno into a functional and aesthetically visualised design, as well as somebody who could budget it at the same time. Eventually Lindorff chose for Primair Projekt/OIP.

The two floors in the Place Vendome are characterised by a middle area that functions as a traffic passage and has sanitation facilities. Next to this area the floors have reasonably standard open office wings with both horizontally and vertically oblique front facades.

In these office wings we created workspots for the different departments on the floors. Next, we functionally divided these workspots (in M2 as well as according to number of work places) and we made choices about the positioning of open and closed functions. This led to the first layouts. These were then translated three-dimensionally into a design which included proposals for finishing, materials, colours and the use of new and re-usable furniture.

This design was budgeted and worked out in drawings that specified pricing, and the production parties were selected. Eventually, on behalf of Primair Projekt, Mark will supervise the building process (except for the installations).

The result should be a completely new working enviroment with an ideal mixture of new and re-used furniture, with an aesthetically pleasing result, yet completed with an economically efficient budget.

Berkel en Rodenrijs, November 2011